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About CLIP Training & Consultancy

People like to do business with attractive people. With people that inspire, show passion for what they do, who dare to make an impact and are aware of it.


Training & Consultancy

CLIP Training & Consultancy NV is a company that is specialised in Leadership, Change & Happiness in corporate and other organizations.


Seminars and Masterclasses

Hoe kan jij vanuit jouw unieke kennis, talenten en uniekheid jouw carrière en leven zo vormgeven dat het voor jou weer aantrekkelijk is en het jou gelukkig maakt.



All retreats are meant to increase (personal and business) leadership, regain inspiration to be the best you can be when you get back to your usual environment.


Incentives in the tropics!

Why have your strategic brainstorm and visionary sessions in a cold sterile office building while you can have them with a sunshine view in a tropical environment?


Ruth as a speaker!

On may 29th 2015 Ruth was an active part of TEDx women Paramaribo, Suriname. She held her first TED talk about How Sexy Leadership empowers women and changes the world.

Speaker, trainer & consultant

Ruth Sinkeler speaks about several original themes; Sexy Leadership, Happy SME (Small and Medium Entrepreneurial businesses) and UBUNTU Leadership in business. Happy people are energetic people. They are sexy and attractive to work with and do business with, according to Ruth.

Ruth’s vision of Sexy leadership originated from her year long experience as entrepreneur and her own personal leadership development. More happiness & sexy-ness from personal leadership in corporate life and business world is Ruth’s mission.

Through coaching & training Ruth supports people in finding their sexy-ness, the way to success & a life of fulfillment. Sexy is the new success strategy.

Dare to be Sexy!

Are you interested in booking Ruth as a speaker for your company, network club or event in the Caribbean, USA or Europe? Please do so by contacting her directly:

Ruth Sinkeler

M: +597- 8930743 (also through whatsapp)

Email: ruth@clipconsultancy.com

On may 29th 2015 Ruth was an active part of TEDx women Paramaribo, Suriname. She held her first TED talk about How Sexy Leadership empowers women and changes the world.

Mastermind your Life & Business with Sexy Leadership! Live and work from your purpose.

“ A candle cannot light up another candle before their own flame has really caught fire “©

For years I was only focused on building my business. Forgetting all about who I was, what I really wanted, what my dreams were, what my true purpose was. The balance was completely gone until life happened and I had to turn things around.

The vision of Sexy Leadership was born.

Our WHY statement, why do we do what we do.

It is the strong belief of Managing Director Ruth Sinkeler of CLIP Training & Consultancy that burnouts, lack of energy and lots of negativity in the world have their origin in the fact that a lot of people are not working and living from the core of who they really are. They are not aware of their purpose and they don’t do what makes them happy and gives them energy.

Our work as Leadership Facilitators in Sexy Leadership, Change & Happiness brings organizations, career professionals & entrepreneurs back to the source of who they are, their talents, their passions & their purpose.

Through leadership change management, retreats, teambuilding, masterminds and motivational speeches, my team and I work with them and inspire them towards true awareness, fulfillment, purpose & happiness. A real business & life boost.

Imagine a world filled with ambitious people, who mostly radiate nothing but sexy-ness, happiness and positive energy, working on making a positive impact and difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Making that their priority. With as the main values; respect, reconciliation, authentic connection, sexy leadership, happiness & fulfillment.

Are you ready to lead, live and work from your purpose and create your life changing boost?

What if everybody in the corporate world would work and live their full potential & purpose? What would the world look like then? Happy and fulfilled entrepreneurs & career professionals do make the difference.

Join the movement. Be the change. It starts with you!

Work with us and become Sexy, Successful, fulfilled, happy and the most attractive party to work or do business with. Find your WHY and work and live accordingly.

Dare to be Sexy, Dare to be different, Dare to be you!

Client Testimonials

Running your own company in the financial world of Switzerland means delivering quality work under high pressure. Even though I am a financial professional for years, at one point I noticed that my concentration started to decrease. I had times when I really needed a morning to really start up. In my world, losing time is losing money. I ignored the signals of stress and pressure for too long until I could not ignore them anymore. The Burnout was real. My functioning got harder. I had to do something, because my demanding job did not give me space to be burnout for months and months. I was born and raised in Suriname and I came across the Burnout & stress release retreats that CLIP Training & Consultancy offers in the jungle nature of my home country. Suriname and its nature and tropical weather are healing and nurturing. A normal week holiday was not enough this time so I booked the retreat and decided to invest in myself fully. I knew I needed to change my patterns, my mindset, my way of doing things in order to be able to function efficiently in my job again. I booked myself the 5* CEO retreat and extended it to 7 days instead of 5. The combination of one on one coaching, reflecting, getting insights and inspiration while recharging in pure amazon nature of Suriname, while enjoying the unexpected luxury so far away from the capital. I flew back to Switzerland a new man and started to immediately implement all my new found wisdom. I manage my energy much better now and am even more productive while not feeling stressed. When you are performing on a high level and under pressure, allow yourself this CEO retreat at least once a year to really recharge your life batteries. You won’t be sorry.

HM, TEP, Zurich, Switzerland

My partner and I work very hard in the financial world in Switzerland and internationally. a few months ago he had a starting burn out and immediately took action. Sitting at home with a severe burnout for months was no option, so action was required right away. He booked himself a 5* CEO retreat with CLIP Training & Consultancy in his homeland Suriname. He went on retreat to the Amazon jungle for a week and I got a whole new partner back. Totally reset and recharged. Energetic again. More efficient at work so more time and energy to spent after work. When I noticed that my schedule was ruling my life and I was getting trouble sleeping and concentrating i immediately spoke to my partner about it and he suggested that I book the stress release retreat with CLIP Training & Consultancy. The stress release retreat is meant for people who are on the verge of a burnout but are not there yet. Prevention is key. The coaching program is less heavy and there is lots of time for reflection and enjoying nature. I was part of a small group of 3 peers and that was also refreshing. We exchanged our stories and experiences. I received great tools to manage my stress and handle my life and business differently in order to keep my energy levels up. I can advise every executive that feels uninspired, less energetic and stressed to book the stress release retreat and prevent yourself from getting a burnout. Discover Suriname, discover yourself and handle the daily job with new energy.

PW, PHIL, Zurich Switzerland




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