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This is a Mastermind program of 3 months where we meet online bi-weekly and we focus on your business, you as an entrepreneur and the challenges that you are facing right now. It leads to more leadership, more (new) business ideas, more growth outside of your comfort zone.

Masterminding goes beyond coaching. It challenges you and your mindset to look further than what you were used to up until now. Masterminding gives you calls to action and provoke change. It breaks the comfortable walls of your comfort zone and makes you grow like you never thought you could.

Break out of the ratrace and well known cycles and discover a whole new entrepreneurial you.


Do you need more insights in the way you have been operating up until now?

Do you want to discover what your current patterns are and how you can change them in such a way that they benefit you more in every aspect of your entrepreneurial growth?  

Do you want to work on sustainable growth of yourself as an entrepreneur and of course on growing your business?

Is your entrepreneurial spirit on a low and are you in need of new business inspiration?

Then this is the Mastermind program for you. Individual attention to fully focus on your individual needs as entrepreneur or as an ambitious career woman.

Let’s talk, vision, WHY, Strategy, action plans and steps!!

We will work with my 3-P Leadership method (Passion, Purpose, Planning), the 5 steps of Sexy Leadership and my knowledge and experience as a Co-Active coach and leadership trainer. 

Your investment is USD $747,- (no extra VAT)  for the 3-month program. We meet online bi-weekly for 90 minutes per session. 

Ask your questions or book & pay your program by sending an email to training@clipconsultancy.com

This is the year of YOU! 


I will contact you within 24 hours after your email. We will get to know each other a little already through our email contact. Establishing a connection is very important if we are going to work together. Per email we plan your dates. Your first appointment and partaking in the program is final after your payment has been received.


I work in Dutch & English 

My timezone is UTC-3


Looking forward to working with you.