There is a lot to do about leadership worldwide. Leadership is a very serious thing. That is how it is brought anyway.

Leadership to me has many forms. When I speak of leadership I do not necessary speak of world leaders.
A hardworking entrepreneur building his business is a leader. As much as a CEO of a large company is a leader.

When I speak to entrepreneurs, CEO’s or executives, people in leading positions, I often hear and see a lack of energy. The responsibilities weigh heavy on them.

The past months I have developed the vision of Sexy Leadership and wrote a book about it. Sexy Leadership contains 5 steps to become Sexy & Successful.

  • Know your Smart
  • Know your Strenghts
  • Know your Self Worth
  • Know your Sexyness and
  • Know Your Sales

A lot of leaders that I meet have driven away from their core. From who they really are and from the reason they started their business or have taken the job to begin with. Their WHY! The WHY theory is created by Simon Sinek. It brings you to the core of who you are, of what really drives you and of your business or job.

People that have driven away from their WHY, from the reason they do what they do, find that they have a lack of energy, less motivation, less fun.

Leadership is taken so seriously worldwide that leaders forgot how to have fun and be really truly happy. Isn’t that a pity?

The 5 steps of Sexy Leadership take you back to whom you really are. The steps make you discover yourself, your qualities and passions all over again. They bring you in touch with your core values, your WHY and make you think about the impact you, as a leader, would like to make and are making now.

Leaders who are having fun while doing their jobs. That is my mission. Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, political leaders, people who are leading otherwise. I know you take your jobs seriously, but take the time to re-discover your passions, your why, your what is driving you and who you really are again. People who work and live from their WHY and their passion are happy people. Happy people have fun. And fun raises positive energy.

This all has a positive effect on your business, because people like to do business with positive, attractive people.

Sexy Leadership creates Leaders who know how to also have fun while doing their business.

Leaders, are you ready to have fun again?

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Ruth Sinkeler, Expert in Sexy Leadership. Author of the Sexy Leadership book. English version in presale at
Dutch version available at

Motivational Speaker, Business coach and Trainer. Creator of the Happy MKB movement in the Netherlands (MKB means Middle and Small companies throughout the country) Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Open for national and international speaking and training assignments.