Around the world there are a lot of initiatives for women. Women empowerment is a hot item. A necessary hot item I might say. Worldwide, women are generally earning less then men in similar jobs and positions. The question that rises with me is; what is the reason for this phenomenon?

The past week I have had several conversations and social media discussions about the so-called Glass Ceiling. Glass Ceiling: political term used to describe “the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements (source: Wikipedia)

I posted the following statement on my Facebook and Twitter: “Women create their own Glass Ceiling! “ yes or no?

The reactions differed from; ‘sigh’ do we women have to take the blame for this also, to yes, women do and there is no such thing as a glass ceiling, it is all created in our minds.

Most reactions stated that “yes”, women create their own glass ceiling. So if women do that, they are also the ones who are able to break the glass and get rid of the ceiling that is weighing heavy on their journey to the top. Right?

When I speak about Leadership, I am speaking about taking up the challenge to discover who you truly are, what your full potential is, what you are capable of and how you are putting that or going to put that in to the world.

Our life is a like a train ride and there are a lot of different ways to ride your train of life.
Do you drive your own train? Are you a high speed train all the time or do you regularly take the time to slow down to discover what it is that your train needs to keep going and staying on the right track. The right track meaning, the right track for YOU!

I often encounter women who are not conscious of what their train is filled with, what it needs to keep going, where it is going and who it is traveling with. They do not believe in themselves enough and often let themselves be held back by their own limiting thoughts and insecurities. Most of all they do not ask for help often enough. Consciousness of where you are today, where you want to be and what is needed to get there is an important part of developing your Leadership. Ask for what you need!

To break the glass ceiling, consciousness, courage, passion about what you do and vision are also needed. Consciousness about what you as a woman are capable of, what your knowledge is, what your strengths are, what your selfworth is, how you present yourself (what is your sexy-ness) and how you “sell” the capable woman that you are (what is your sales)? These are the 5 steps of developing your Leadership, your Sexy Leadership, as described in my book; Sexy Leadership, 5 steps to become Sexy & Successful, a new view on Leadership and personal success. Courage to challenge yourself and other women to take steps outside of their comfort zones. Passion for what you do and who you are and vision to know where you want to go and who and what you need to get there.

Brendon Burchard is one of the people I am really inspired by: He stated the following in one of his most recent blogs: “I believe that passion attached to positive things, passion attached to things that progress humanity forward – that’s sexy.

A passionate woman who really believes in what she is showing the world is a woman who is ready to take her steps up the ladder of Leadership. No ceiling what so ever can stop her. If and when a woman steps into her natural power and strength, she is unstoppable, passionate about what she is doing, inspiring, attractive and Sexy!

Are women really ready to be leaders? Yes they are and world be ware. Change is gonna come! And it is needed. Women of the world, step into your (Sexy) Leadership.
Be Sexy & Proud!

Ruth Sinkeler is expert in Sexy Leadership & UBUNTU Leadership at CLIPcoaching, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Author of the book “Sexy Leadership”; 5 steps to become Sexy & Successful. She works with Female Entrepreneurs, women in leading positions and organizations and guides them through their change process. More about Ruth on and (Dutch version)