CEO’s are often referred to as distant, controlling, harsh and cold. Maybe you can imagine that if this is the way a person is approached, ultimately they become it.

In many corporates, employees hardly ever speak to their CEO. They know the name and sometimes have not even ever seen the person. Still they have an opinion about him or her.

This blog is written to remind CEO’s and everybody who works with or for them that CEO’s are human too!


Questions waiting to be answered are:

  • What if you as CEO are treated as the human that you are?
  • What if you as CEO are reconnected to your human factor?


Performance & responsibilities

Performance and strategies is what most CEO’s are focused on in their jobs. Facts, figures and how to build and grow the companies they are responsible for even more.

The responsibilities that come with that are huge and there is much at stake. This is why being a CEO IS a serious job.

However wouldn’t it be possible to take your CEO work seriously and be whom you really are?

How come the personality, of a lot of people, seems to change when they reach the top of their organization and careers? Some say it is because the higher up people get in their career the more they drift off from their core values. Or maybe they think that is the way they should act when in that position? That it is expected of them.

Boss or leader? What are your values?

So what are your core values? What are the most important things you dreamed about when you were a kid? What were the purposes you stood for during your younger years? What kind of person were you looking forward to being?

These are questions that I ask my clients. All my clients, no matter what their title is.


As a CEO ask yourself, would you rather be seen as a boss, or as a leader? Bosses tell people what to do and how to do it.

Leaders are an example and inspire others to follow their footsteps.


My expertise is Sexy Leadership & change. Sexy Leaders are people that are open to connect, to work and live while putting their ego aside, people who respect others and treat them with respect regardless of gender, race, education level or function.

Sexy leaders strive to make a positive difference in their own life and the life of others. They live their core values and find authenticity important.

This makes them an attractive party to work for and do business with.

Are you a Sexy Leader?


The H factor

Do you as CEO, still have the H factor?


The Human factor that shows that you are a human being. A human being with values, with feelings, with insecurities, with vulnerability.

The fact that you are a powerful CEO does not change that. Daring to show your humanity does not make you a bad leader.

On the contrary! Times are changing. People need leaders that they can look up to. Leaders that they want to identify with, truly connect with even. Leaders that make them dream about becoming that kind of leader one day.

What is the status of your H factor?


Reflect your Leadership


Maybe it is time to reflect your leadership.

What kind of leader would you like to be from now on? How would you like people to remember you?

Taking time to reflect does not mean you are weak. It means that you have the courage to develop yourself as human and leader. This improves your connections to your co-workers. You will be more approachable. Your relationships on and off work will be better. Stress will be reduced and most important perhaps, your quality of life and performance will increase by the day. Imagine the business impact you have then!


What is the point of being a successful CEO if you are not happy as a human?

My expertise is to re-connect you to your H factor and make you the sexiest and most popular leader there is. Not only popular to others but especially popular to yourself!


I invite you to read about the 7 day Reflect your Leadership Retreat in the Amazone jungle and if you feel and agree that now is your time to reflect, just sign up.


Sign up if your wish is to combine working as a CEO with being the human you truly are.

It is possible, because CEO’s are human too!