What is change anyway? And why in the world does everyone make it so important?

Isn’t it just easier to stay where you are right now and just live your life like you have lived it for years and will live it for years to come.

The thing is, a lot of people talk about change. About how they are not happy and not satisfied with the “status quo” of their life, work or relationships. They are not happy the way things are going and want something different. That is when the big questions start. WHY do I want change, WHAT do I want to change, HOW am I going to get the change that I long for and WHO is going to do it for me?

That is where the wake up call starts. Nobody can achieve the so wanted change for you. You are your key to change. Staying in your comfort zone where you are now is choice. But is that going to give you what you really want?

What is a good way to start the process?

Start with answering your WHY question first. What is your reason for wanting this change. And how bad do you want it? WHAT exactly do you want to change. This is a very important one, because it gives you a good direction to follow. After this, the HOW comes in sight. What are the steps you need to take to ultimately reach your set goals.

We already answered the WHO. The WHO is you.

What is your biggest Passion? What makes your heart go BOOM!

What will be the Impact of your changes on you, your life, work and relationships? And last what Leadership skills do you need in order to get you the Change you want?

Change through Leadership, Impact and Passion. By following this model of Change you will break out of your comfort zone and discover new areas in your life, with more fulfillment, satisfaction and fun. Do you dare to change?

Ow well, what is change good for anyway?