The UBUNTU philosophy 

How can I as a human be of service to the community and serve the way that the community really benefits? I am because you are! A human is human because there are others.

The essence of the African Philosophy of UBUNTU is that we are inextricably connected to each other. UBUNTU leads us from disunity out of fear and control to connection from trust and unity.

UBUNTU is about respect, connection, reconciliation, forgiveness, authenticity and fundament based on your most important values.

To implement UBUNTU in your life and business starts with knowing whom you are. What are your most important values, what are your strengths and how do you cope with differences and conflicts. Why do you do what you do? This establishes your fundament. The firmer your inner foundation, the better you can connect to others without fear of losing your own.

Are you able to put your ego aside and live your life and run your business and do your job while not only caring for you but also for another?

To live and work according to the UBUNTU philosophy is not as heavy as it may sound. You can start with simple things. In your private life, ask yourself for example, do you know who your neighbors are? Ask them who and how they are, offer your help once in while or even more simple just say good morning, good afternoon or goodnight to the people in your building or your street.

Businesswise implementing UBUNTU is maybe even more interesting. Since connection is one of the most important characteristics of UBUNTU partnering up is a great step. Especially when you are a small business owner. Why would you do everything by yourself when there are partners to be found who are good in things you are not good at? Partner marketing is a strong way of lifting each other UP and helping to build each others business by sharing knowledge and network, complement each others strengths and weaknesses and working side by side to be more successful in reaching your targets.

UBUNTU is also fun. Humans are not build to be and work solo. We thrive with the company of others. “A human is human because there are others.” When choosing your partners and whom you work with in order to be more successful it is recommended to choose according to your basic values and standards in order to make the cooperation work. This way the communication will most likely be smooth and easy. There will be instant understanding and they will get your jokes immediately.

Working together, living UBUNTU and helping each other grow your business is fun! It gives more confidence, more knowledge, grows your strengths, your self-worth and in the end your sales and sense of fulfillment. Isn’t that what we all want in the end?