Note: read she or her where I say him or his.

The world is changing rapidly. New economies are coming up. New ways of thinking are arising. It is my opinion that the world as we know it is coming to an end. Change is needed and ahead. The old leadership is not working anymore. New Leadership is here!

Yes, that is nice, but what is New Leadership? And how can you become a “New Leader”?

“New Leaders” are people that are used to a multicultural environment and are able to communicate on various different levels. Not only intercultural, but with people from all parts of society. They can switch in “language”, are empathic and operate from connection, rather than ego.

Common image that we still have in the world of a leader is that of an older man in a grey suite. That image is ending.

“New Leaders” are innovative with fresh new ideas, of all ages, genders and races. They are aware of the impact they want to make, find ways on how to make that impact and take responsibility for it. The “why” of their leading is clear to them. A “New Leader” asks himself regularly what the reason is for his leading. What are his most important values and what is the goal of his work.

When you know why you do what you do, what your stake is and what your desired outcome of your actions is, you are well on your way of leading from authenticity.

Leaders of the 21th century also need other qualities besides their authenticity. More and more important is creating the feeling of community and connection. Putting the interest of the community before their own personal success. Also the ability of building bridges is very important.

The development of social media has changed our lives. The world is at our feet in a mouse click or with our mobile devices. Borders have vanished because of this. Communication is fast and massive. Knowing where you come from and what your base is, is even more important. This way you connect, communicate and are able to lead from a firm and stable foundation. Be open to learn from others and do not feel threatened by change or influence from other parts of the world.

The “New Leader” operates out of connecting leadership in a changing world, out of authenticity, values, connection and a true life-purpose.

Are you ready to be a “New Leader”?
Is the world ready for YOU?