CLIP stands for Change through Leadership Impact & Passion.

People often tend to think that Leadership has nothing to do with them. That Leadership is only something for people in high and important positions of social status.

The thing is though, in my opinion being a leader has not much to do with age, gender, job or stuff like that.. There is a great leader in everyone, no matter who you are or what you do in life. Leadership has to do with knowing WHO you are, WHAT you stand for and HOW to bring that across to others.

And even if you are not aware who you are yet or what you have to give the world its is possible for you to show leadership and have an impact on people.

Further along in this blog you will find a link to the You Tube video of the TED talk of Drew Dudley. He speaks about everyday leadership and how we all have made leadership way to important and big in the world.

Moments like that is what Drew Dudley calls a lollypop moment. In his talks he tells the story of how he was walking around his old university, dressed up funny and handing out lollipops to people in order to raise attention for a good cause. He handed one to a girl who was new at the university and who was there for her first day with her parents.

The girl was in a state of doubt and fear because it was her first day and she did not know if she wanted to stay or wanted to leave. Drew in his silly costume and with his lollipops created a very funny situation which led to a lot of laughter and that made her stay and start her studies. 4 years later when he left the university, she finally told him about the big impact he had on her that day and that his funny action made her chose to stay instead of leave for home again.

Drew had never been aware of the big impact this lollipop moment had on the girl. And this is what happens often in society.

Link to video: Click here to view

Leadership is about creating impact. And what makes it even better is when we are aware of that impact, take responsibility for it and attach actions to it.

Even more often, like Drew, we have a leadership impact on people or situations that we are not even aware of. This is because people do no tell each other about the lollipop moments and the impact other had on them. We get inspired, moved, motivated by everyday people in our lives and we do not tell them.
So here is my challenge to you. Be more aware of the impact you have on people. Work on making a conscious impact on yourself and others everyday, no matter how small. If someone has an impact on you that lead to change or to an insight on your part, tell him or her.

Be aware of those simple yet important lollipop moments and share them.

There is a great leader within each and every one of you

This blog is written by:
Ruth Sinkeler
Ruth Sinkeler is founder and CEO of CLIPcoaching. Jobcrafting & Leadership expert
Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and (net) working internationally.
You can reach her by email: Skype: RuthS020 Twitter: @clipcoach Instagram: Clipcoach and Linkedin