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Speaker, trainer & consultant

Ruth Sinkeler speaks about several original themes; Sexy Leadership, Happy SME (Small and Medium Entrepreneurial businesses) and UBUNTU Leadership in business. Happy people are energetic people. They are sexy and attractive to work with and do business with, according to Ruth.

Motivational talks. (interactive)

Ruth’s vision of Sexy leadership originated from her year long experience as entrepreneur and her own personal leadership development. More happiness & sexy-ness from personal leadership in corporate life and business world is Ruth’s mission.

Through coaching & training Ruth supports people in finding their sexy-ness, the way to success & a life of fulfillment. Sexy is the new success strategy.

Ruth Sinkeler at TEDx Paramaribo Photo: Karel Donk©

Dare to be Sexy!

Sexy leadership can have a big role within the world of business. It connects you more to yourself and others. More fun, motivation & fulfillment in work will be the result. When entrepreneurs and organizations are happy & feel sexy and attractive in doing their business it has a positive result on their productivity and profits and in the end on the economy. It will give the economy a great positivity boost.

Sexy leaders are:

  • authentic
  • self-confident
  • feeling good in their body and mind
  • thus are feeling sexy & attractive
  • respecting others as they respect themselves
  • connecting through diversity
  • happy entrepreneurs


  • Sexy Leadership (personal and in business)
  • UBUNTU Leadership in business
  • Happy SME: grow your business from passion and purpose
  • Multicultural Leadership and Diversity in corporate life. How it works positively on your profits.

Book Ruth as a speaker

Are you interested in booking Ruth as a speaker for your company, network club or event in the Caribbean, USA or Europe? Please do so by contacting her directly:

Ruth Sinkeler

M: +597- 8930743 (also through whatsapp) 


On may 29th 2015 Ruth was an active part of TEDx women Paramaribo, Suriname. She held her first TED talk about How Sexy Leadership empowers women and changes the world. 

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