CLIP Training & Consultancy NV is full service consultancy bureau op het gebied van human capital development & management, dat werkt aan het creëren van een kweekvijver van toptalent met internationale werkethiek in Suriname tbv het bouwen van een kenniseconomie.

Sexy is the new Success Strategy!

People like to do business with attractive people. With people that inspire, show passion for what they do, who dare to make an impact and are aware of it. People who have fun, show confidence and are authentic, without masks. Attractive people are Sexy. Step into your Sexy-ness and be successful in everything that you do.

Sexy Leaders lead from value. They want to make a positive difference in the lives of others and their own. Before you are able to that, you must know who you yourself are. The 5 step Sexy Leadership method is an effective tool for that. The unique combination with UBUNTU leadership gives an extra dimension to her training & coaching.

“Before you can light up someone else’s candle, you have to light up your own first ©”

Dare to be Sexy!

Ruth Sinkeler is an expert in Sexy Leadership, change & happiness, UBUNTU Leadership, entrepreneur, executive trainer, author and motivational speaker. Her drive is to get entrepreneurs and career professionals in companies in their Sexy Leadership in order to create a Sexy, positive, happy, energetic and successful corporate and business environment. Happiness as a business model increases success and employee engagement.

A new view on leadership

For female executives and business owners who want to be challenged to grow their personal & professional leadership and live and work according to their true potential, values, purpose and find fulfillment in what they do. Build the life and career you really want, the way you want it. Dare to choose. Dare to be happy!

I focus on taking AHA (Ambitious High achieving women in business) to their most excellent level living and professional performance with my Sexy Leadership, CLIP and UBUNTU Leadership models.

Know your Smart

Know your Strengths

Know your Self worth

Know your Sexy ness

Know your Sales

Sexy Leaders have no ego, are purely authentic, confident and they respect others as they respect themselves.
Reconnect to whom you authentically are and what you have to offer the world. From there you can start making a positive difference and impact on others.
Read more on the website. I am looking forward to working with you.

Who is Ruth Sinkeler?  

I have been a coach and trainer in behavioral change for over 20 years (since 1997).

As a Co-Active coach and trainer I facilitate people who strive for change in their career, life and relationships. I have been trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Rational Emotive Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Provocative Coaching, Co-Active coaching, Co-Active Leadership training, ORSC (Organization and Relationships System Coaching), Mediation and UBUNTU Leadership. From this background I offer my clients various methods to achieve the change they need.

I developed the CLIP method & the vision of Sexy Leadership (a new view on leadership and personal success) The book: Sexy Leadership, 5 steps to become Sexy & Successful (released in spring 2014, English version available on from 2017)

CLIP stands for Change through Leadership,Impact & Passion. Discover your Passion, grow your Impact, develop your Leadership skills and change into the Sexy leader that you are!

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