Sexy Leadership is hot! And new! And of course the first thing people think, Sexy Leadership has something to with sex. No it doesn’t. Sexy Leadership has everything to do with YOU!

Who are you, where do you come from, what do you stand for and what have you got to offer to the world. And also important HOW do you bring all that across.

Those are the most important aspects of Sexy Leadership.

So what are the 5 steps and basic principles to be sexy & successful and step into your Sexy Leadership?

Step 1
Know your smart. A lot of people tend to think less of themselves. They are not aware of the width of their knowledge and they are holding themselves back through negative and limiting thoughts. They are keeping parts of their knowledge from the world.
In order to be sexy & successful it is important to know your smart.

Step 2
Know your strengths. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. Often the emphasis is put on the weaknesses and training is done purely to make weaknesses better. Of course it is possible to train weaknesses and make them better but why not put more energy in making strong points stronger. This gives people more confidence, less stress and the weaker points will improve also. So, know your strengths, know what you should work on, be more confident and shine

Step 3
Know your Self worth. Self worth is a biggy a lot of times. We tend to underestimate what we are worth to the world because we don’t see how brilliant and special we are. We take ourselves for granted and let others take us for granted too sometimes. When you know your self worth, the battle gets easier or better yet, there is no battle at all. You get what you truly deserve, either in recognition, money or both. Make sure you know your self worth.

Step 4
Know your Sexy-ness. Sexiness is subjective of course. Having said that. It doesn’t really matter. Most important here is that YOU know how sexy you are. Sexy in this concept means, do you feel good about yourself, are you confident, what is the energy that you are sending out. The higher and more positive your energy is, the sexier and attractive you are. People like to do business with attractive people, people with passion, charisma and a fun energy. Work on it and spread your sexy-ness.

And last but not least

Step 5
Know your sales. When all of the above comes together and is aligned your sales will for sure go up. Everybody is in sales. Make no mistake with that. We are in sales all of the time. We sell our knowledge, our time and our skills. Even when as a parent you are talking to your kids to get them to do something, you are in sales. At work when you want something from a co-worker or your boss, you are in sales.

The conclusion here is therefor: Know your smart, know your strengths, know your self worth, know your sexy-ness and your sales will go up!

Build your Sexy Leadership and be sexy and successful!