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Training & Consultancy 

CLIP Training & Consultancy NV is a company that is specialised in Leadership, Change & Happiness in corporate and other organizations. Sexy Leadership is the by CLIP Training & Consultancy developed method that makes management teams and employees aware of their qualities, most important values and competencies. Result is more motivation, job satisfaction and productivity, what makes the organization more attractive to do business with for customers,other businesses and job seekers. The base of Sexy Leadership can be found in the philosophy of UBUNTU, connecting leadership. 

CLIP Training & Consultancy NV offers corporate companies and other organizations in Suriname and the Caribbean the following Training & Consultancy services:

  • Custom made team building training. Also possible outdoors in Suriname’s jungle nature 
  • Masterclasses leadership in communication, presentation and masterminding
  • Management training & coaching
  • Motivational sessions and speeches
  • Employee satisfaction analyses and action planning 
  • Customer satisfaction analyses and research 
  • Strategic Mastermind sessies with management teams or board members. 

Are you looking for sustainable change within your management team and organization?

Send us a message and we plan a meeting. If in Suriname we come by your office. If in the Caribbean we plan an online meeting. 

We work custom made and from experience. 


Managing Director of CLIP Training & Consultancy NV, Ruth Sinkeler is a member of the CICMC.