CLIP Training & Consultancy NV is full service consultancy bureau op het gebied van human capital development & management, dat werkt aan het creëren van een kweekvijver van toptalent met internationale werkethiek in Suriname tbv het bouwen van een kenniseconomie.

CLIP Training & Consultancy offers training & coaching for AHA (Ambitious High Achieving) women in business

It sounds unbelievable and still it is true! We have arrived in the 21st century and unfortunately women, up until this day, are too often not taken seriously enough in their careers or entrepreneurship. A lot is to blame on how society is manufactured and a big part can be found within us women. At CLIP Training & Consultancy we work on what we are able to influence. We start with you, because that is where the change starts! 

Are you ready?

12 week training program in Dutch & English for AHA women

We offer a 12 week online training program, designed by Ruth Sinkeler, managing director of CLIP Training & Consultancy NV. The program consists of eight 3 hour masterclasses, four 2 hour group coaching sessions and books from all 3 trainers. 

This program is currently being run in Dutch for Suriname (where CLIP T & C is located), the Caribbean and the Netherlands.

The program will also be offered in Australia and New Zealand in cooperation with Mrs Mireille Toulekima of Mireille Toulekima Global and the program also travels to South Africa in cooperation with Mrs Tebelle Mokhema of Mozite Ltd. 

Read more about the Dutch program and dates here. New training is starting February 5th 2022. This program is open for Dutch speaking women in Suriname, the Caribbean and the Netherlands or elsewhere.

Training Testimonial:

The training: Women, dare to excel is inspiring, motivating and it might sound crazy but is also soothing. For 12 weeks we had our morning sessions for 2 or 3 hours, which were a very positive experience for me. Every week after the session our bag of life experience was filled with new, beautiful and inspiring insights and practical tools, that each one of us was able to interpret in her own way and apply exactly when needed and necessary. The training made me more self aware of who I am and want to be as a business woman, mother and partner. This training is really a recommendation for any woman who is driven by ambition and who is open to learn, grow and change.


Mireille Toulekima is starting her program on January 29th 2022

Read more about her dates here. This program is open to English speaking women from Australia, New Zealand, India, Tasmania and others who are interested and living in this timezone.

Bio Mireille Toulekima:

Mireille is the Greatness Engineer! Born in Gabon, she has lived and worked in various countries worldwide. She has been living in Perth, Australia for a few years. She will work with you through this coaching program and along the way teach you about her Greatness method to help you excel even more! Mireille has won several awards as woman in STEM and the oil and gas industry.
Mireille Toulekima

Tebello Mokhema is starting her program on January 22th 2022

Read more about her dates here. This program is open to English speaking women from South Africa and other countries on the African Continent who are interested and living in this timezone.

Bio Tebello Mokhema:

Tebello Mokhema is a leadership and business consultant with 20 years experience in the management and leadership of human capital. She has held executive positions in a range of industries including banking, electricity and aviation. She is an advocate for the development of communities through the development and empowerment of women.

Tebello Mokhema

12 week AHA women in business Coaching program

Are you in need of 1-on-1 coaching? We have designed a 12 week business coaching program for AHA women like yourself. This program creates more awareness of who you are as a business woman, where you would like to be and how to get there. Meanwhile working on your confidence, communication and allround leadership.

Please have a look at our Dutch brochure here and contact us to start your journey of excellence. 

Level UP your business

An intensive 4 hour 1-on-1 business strategy session to bring your business and your business performance to the next level. Insightful, practical, hands on!
Hier dan This service is offered in Dutch & English by Ruth. We work online through Zoom, or, if you are in Suriname, live on location including snacks and drinks. 

Raise your business bar and Level UP! Book your session now. Call assistant Isaiah for bookings and questions +5978941253 or send an email 

Soundboard Service subscription

Not everyone is in need of an intensive coaching or training program. Yet they do need to talk to an independent party sometime for quick questions, insights, opinions, practical tips & tricks or just to vent.

We offer you as a busy female entrepreneur/CEO/Manager a 2 hour soundboard session during which we offer you another professional brain to pick for a short time. This service offers just that and even more. We also search in our professional network for other professionals who might be able to solve your challenges. In short you have a problem, we fix it! If we can’t fix it, we probably know someone who can. We make your business life easier, happier, more successful. Let’s do this. Together!!!

Together we can go further than alone! Book your session through the webshop and we contact you to plan your session within 24 hours. Your investment is USD 125,– per session of two hours. Every single hour you book after that your investment is USD 75  For now this service is only available for ladies in Suriname and Netherlands in Dutch or English.

We work via Zoom.

Level up your business (3)

CLIP Training & Consultancy NV is a company that is specialised in Leadership, Change & Happiness in SME and other organizations. Sexy Leadership is the CLIP Training & Consultancy developed method that makes management teams and employees aware of their qualities, most important values and competencies. Result is more motivation, job satisfaction, teamspirit and productivity, which makes the organization more attractive to do business with for customers,other businesses and job seekers. The base of Sexy Leadership can be found in the philosophy of UBUNTU, connecting leadership.

CLIP Training & Consultancy NV offers SME companies and other organizations in Suriname and the Caribbean the following Training & Consultancy services:

  • Custom made team building training. Also possible outdoors in Suriname’s jungle nature 
  • Masterclasses leadership in communication, presentation and masterminding
  • Management training & coaching
  • Motivational sessions and speeches 
  • LEVEL UP your business training. Get more out of your business. 
  • Strategic Mastermind sessies with management teams or board members. 

Are you looking for sustainable change within your management team and organization?

Send us a message and we plan a meeting. If in Suriname we come by your office. If in the Caribbean we plan an online meeting. 

We work custom made and from experience. 


Managing Director of CLIP Training & Consultancy NV, Ruth Sinkeler is a member of the CICMC.

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