Train your weaknesses and become better then you are now! That is a phrase we often hear. I too as a coach and trainer have used this phrase often in the past. Last year I started to develop my Sexy Leadership philosophy and was thinking about what Sexy Leadership meant to me. As I developed the 5 steps to become a Sexy Leader, I discovered that I did not agree with that phrase anymore.

Step number 2 of the 5 steps to become Sexy and Successful is Know your strengths.

For a lot of people discovering their strengths is outside of their comfort zone. We are trained in life and through our schooling to look at and analyze our weaknesses first. My question with this is, does it motivate you to look at everything that you are not good at? It is inspiring? Does it ignite your inner spark and passion?

Hmm I beg to differ.

Wouldn’t it be better if organizations put the emphasis on the strengths of their people? What are they good at, what do they excel in?
By analyzing their employee’s strengths an organization finds out what their people are made of, what they can contribute and what is strategically the best task to have them work in.

Everybody wants to win and feel like a winner. By putting the emphasis on people’s strengths they bloom and are driven by passion, motivation and inspiration. They will work hard to be even better then are now. All this benefits themselves and the organization or their own business that they work in.

Building your strengths gives you self-confidence and self-esteem and makes happier people. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee in whatever function.

When your strengths are developing more and more and you grow as a person, your weaknesses will also grow with you, although they will probably never become strengths. Weaknesses are weaknesses for a reason. Accept that a weakness is just not your talent. You cannot be good at everything.

So in order to be successful and confident, build your strengths!
Give the world what you are good at, build that and give the world even more. You benefit, your organization or business benefits and your life and work are more fulfilling and rewarding. A win-win-win situation!


Ruth Sinkeler is CLIPcoach(Change through Leadership, Impact & Passion) at her company, Expert in Sexy Leadership, executive coach, trainer, motivational speaker. The coach for your success! Offering jobcrafting webinars to find and develop people’s strengths at work. Also business and executive coaching in time efficient ways.
Based in Amsterdam the Netherlands and open for International challenges. I work in Dutch & English.